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Black & White Essential Oil diffuser Pendant

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Black & White speckled Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant. these measure approximately 1.4" tall and 1" in diameter at the fattest point. Each one is different, but are silmilar in size.

Fill this with your favorite essential oil. Your body heat warms the vial enough to diffuse the oil slowly. Does not produce an overwhelming strong scent. Includes 2 filling pipettes & instructions. Comes strung on a 36" adjustable black satin cord  


Filling directions-

To fill your diffuser pendant- Fill the included filling pipette with your desired oil. Turn the diffuser pendant upside down. Place the tip of the pipette into the inverted funnel as far as it will go (as seen in the photo).  Using a pulsing action, squeeze the pipette bulb to pump the oil into the pendant. The pendant can be filled to the tip of the inverted funnel (roughly half full). The corner of a paper towel twisted into a point can pushed into the inverted funnel to absorb any oil that has leaked during the process.  To change the scent, let the oil evaporate or using the provided pipette or a syringe the oil can be removed. Rubbing alcohol can be used to rinse and clean the pendant if needed.