I was part of the 2020 Lifetime Christmas movie "The Christmas Edition" that premiered on Lifetime November 15th, 2020. The movie features Carly Hughes, Rob Mayes, Marie Osmond and Aloma Wright.

I did the glassblowing in the film and was a double to musician / actor Rob Mayes in a few scenes. A lot of my work, mainly ornaments, are featured prominently in some of the scenes. The version of the Snowman ornament I sell is the same as featured in the movie, although my bulbs, icicles and other items were featured as well. 

It is available for streaming on Lifetime on demand. It can be rented and purchased on Amazon as well. 

Ink Dip Pen

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The pen pictured is the pen you will receive. I photograph each pen in different lighting so you can see how it will look, as some colors of glass tend to look different under various types of lighting. Each of my pens is signed with my initials and the year using a Titanium pen which leaves a fine silver colored line.

This pen measures 7 3/4" long. 

My handmade glass Ink Dip Pens feature a ribbed "nib," that is tuned so when dipped in fountain pen or calligraphy ink, capillary action is used to make the ink flow. Each pen has a "sweet spot" or angle that works best. As soon as you find it you can write quite a bit with each dip. My pens do not include ink, although I do sell it separately. 

To use the pen, simply dip the pen nib and remove from the bottle, let the nib drip until no more drops form on the tip (2 to 3 drops typically), and write. To clean the nib, simply rinse with water. If the ink dries on the nib, alcohol can be used. I generally use an old toothbrush to clean in between the ribs of the nib.

The written page is an example of one dip in Speedball India Ink. This is only an example and may not be the exact result with your pen. They all write quite a bit per dip.

Each pen includes a pen rest that holds the tip off of the surface and keeps it from rolling. The rest pictured is similar to the one you will receive. The pen in the photo is for example only.